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Music is such an integral part of a wedding and we take pride in providing you with that 'Next-Level' of service. 

Our String Quartet consists of 2 violins, a viola and a cello. This provides an ideal richness of tone and quality for most wedding venues. However, if the setting is more intimate or there are space or budget limitations, we are pleased to be able to provide a String Trio consisting of one violin, a viola and a cello.  Our music has been specially arranged so that the trio can perform all of the titles on our regular repertoire list.

Selecting Music for the Ceremony

*20 Minutes of Prelude Music

Think about the mood that you would like to set as your guests are arriving, (upbeat/joyous, quiet/romantic) then select four pieces which reflect this choice.

*Seating of the Mothers

Words of Wisdom – if you are having special music for the Mothers, assign an usher the duty of coming forward to discreetly tell the quartet that the Mothers are ready to make their entrance. This way we can start the music before they begin their walk down the aisle. Please indicate if the Mothers will be lighting candles.

*Entrance of the Bridal Party

One piece for all, or something special for the Bride and her Father? That choice is yours and there are no wrong answers.

Points to consider: how long is the aisle and how many attendants do you have? (If the aisle is short and you are only having two bridesmaids, it will be more effective to have one piece.)

*Communion (Catholic and Anglican Services)

Choose something sacred. Ave Maria is an obvious choice. You may also wish to consider using a communion hymn or something reflective.

*Signing of the Register

Pick your favourite piece – something beautiful. This position of the ceremony will take between 4 to 8 minutes and musically, is the most memorable part of the service.


“Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me present to you for the first time, our newly married couple.” (Wild applause) Usually the music that the wedding party will walk out to is triumphant sounding. Don’t forget to pick a second piece to be played as your guests are exiting.

Processing the Contract

After determining that we are indeed available to perform at your event, you will be asked to send in two signed copies of our contract with a 50% deposit and a post-dated cheque for  the balance, in order to finalize the booking. Payment may also be made by e-transfer.

If you need more time or assistance choosing your music, we encourage you to send in the contract with the music selections left blank.

We ask that all selections be finalized one month prior to your special day.


What do the musicians wear?

Unless otherwise directed, we dress formally -the men in tuxedoes and the women in black.

What layout does the quartet require?

A minimum space of 2.5 metres by 3 metres, 4 flat chairs without arms, access to an electrical outlet if lighting is not sufficient for music reading and in the case of an outdoor ceremony, an over-head shelter for the safety of our instruments.
(Although we have managed to creatively fit ourselves into smaller spaces such as the Ellis Chapel and the Gazebo at Springfield Golf Club)

Do you also play receptions?

Absolutely, we can provide beautiful music for your receiving line, cocktail hour or during dinner.
Click the link to view our repertoire list.

Do I have to hire the whole quartet?

We are willing to perform in two combinations:

Quartet – 2 violins, viola and cello
Trio – violin, viola and cello

How far in advance should we book?

As soon as possible. Every year there are one or two dates that everyone wants. Never assume that the date that you have chosen will not be popular!

A 50% deposit is required to finalized bookings.

How much would I be looking to spend?

We have packages starting at $425

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